Outposts generate additional income. The following goods can be “produced” in Land of the Obotriti, Rogaland, Frisia and Mercia:

  • Amber
  • Iron
  • Cloth
  • Church silver

Every merchandise has a different turnover and risks. The transport time depends on the outpost.

  • Play to conquer a relevant kingdom.
  • Click on the kingdom or on the trade button (menu on the left side).

Goods are produced automatically. You can upgrade buildings in the trade menu:

  • Increase rate of production
  • Enlarge warehouse in the outpost
  • Increase transport capacity
  • Enlarge warehouse in the settlement

Outposts can be raided. Ships can be boarded by the Norwegian King Harald. Raids on goods on the way from your outposts to your settlement can be warded off; raids in your settlement can only be prevented by Raid Protection (Shop -> Timed Items).

  • The transport has arrived in your settlement.
  • Click on the resource icon.
  • Open the trade menu.
  • Watch the sales price.
  • Click on “sell”.

Note: The sales price varies globally and is the same for all players. Raid Protection does not prevent attacks on your goods by other players.