Players must apply to your clan. Here are some options:

  1. Open the Global Chat.
  2. Advertise your clan.
  3. Example: “My clan is looking for additional English speaking members. Minimum battle points: 300.”

Hint: Take a look at the Global Chat for other players looking for clans and suggest they join yours.

  1. Click on the PvP button.
  2. Click on the profile picture of the shown player.
  3. Click on “Send message“.
  4. Ask the player to apply to your clan.
  5. Example: “Hello, I’ve seen you in PvP. We have approximately the same strength. Feel like joining my clan?“

A new application is indicated by a notice on the clan button (left side menu).

  1. Open your clan.
  2. Click on the pin next to the applicant in the members’ list (yellow point).
  3. Approve or refuse the application.

Note: Use the pin to allocate a rank to a member and view his activity in the clan as well as other information.